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Assessing Your Personal Brand


There are two things required to reach a destination. First you need to know where you want to go, and second to also know where you stand today. To start, we'll assess the current status of your brand and where you would like it to be in a year. We'll define what you want your brand to stand for and how we can get it to that level. We'll determine what media/tools you are most comfortable with and which ones you would like to develop. Finally, we'll gather personal traits and insights that we can leverage as strengths in building your brand.

Keep in mind 30 minutes is not a lot of time. We will need to work efficiently to determine what is your current brand strength, what goals you want to reach and what you will need to do throughout the program to strengthen your personal brand.

“Invest maximum amount of time into refining your gift and become best at what you were called to do and you will be surprised how easily and quickly you will rise to the top.” - Sunday Adelaja

Based on what you will need, we hope to provide you with the insight, tools and experience to help you develop the skills, knowledge and strategic foresight to build a brand that will flourish!

Being the best at whatever talent you do is typically the result of hard work, dedication and never feeling you have reached your greatest potential. We all have room to learn, and to learn ways with lasting results. Let us share our expertise so you can lead in yours!

Our program starts with a few initial meetings to set the foundation of Powering Up your Brand. From there, we can work together as needed to build, empower and grow your brand strength. We are not going to give you the answers. We are not going to give you blunt advice. So many coaching programs are like diets: short lived and ineffective if you are simply given the answers. Success starts with adapting your mindset, habits and daily routine. It becomes a life change that is sustainable.


So what is this program about? It is about coaching you to unlock your inner strengths and the power to discover your personal brand. To make a life changing discovery.  Please note that availability is limited so be prepared for a waiting list.


Brand Assessment

30 Minute Information Gathering

30 Minute Evaluation Discussion

30 Minute Discussions

30 Minute Discussion

30 Minute Action Plan

30 Minute Review


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