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It's Time to Launch Your
New Personal Brand

At this point, after plenty hard work and strategic planning, you should have a solid plan ready to go. During this 30-minute meeting will we make sure that we have reviewed critical aspects to your launch and that you feel confident you are ready.


We will also discuss any questions or concerns with the launch and how you can tackle each challenge efficiently. We will also review how to properly address engagement, monitor results and develop a focus that is consistent. A focus that draws audiences, develops trust, and creates a following.

If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you. - Zig Ziglar


Just because you have launched your new strategy doesn't mean it's time to relax. Now is when the hard work begins. You have to follow through on your promise to your customers and to yourself, each and every day! And you will need to document your daily routine, including specific interactions with customers and the immediate recognized result (online and off).

In order to assess the success of your strategy, you need to document results. Keep a journal if need be - but in order to adjust and adapt as needed to lead, you will need to have the necessary data to evaluate your success.


Our program starts with a few initial meetings to set the foundation of Powering Up your Brand. From there, we can work together as needed to build, empower and grow your brand strength. We are not going to give you the answers. We are not going to give you blunt advice. So many coaching programs are like diets: short lived and ineffective if you are simply given the answers. Success starts with adapting your mindset, habits and daily routine. It becomes a life change that is sustainable.


So what is this program about? It is about coaching you to unlock your inner strengths and the power to discover your personal brand. To make a life changing discovery.  Please note that availability is limited so be prepared for a waiting list.


Brand Assessment

30 Minute Information Gathering

30 Minute Evaluation Discussion

30 Minute Discussions

30 Minute Discussion

30 Minute Action Plan

30 Minute Review

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