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Reviewing Your Brand &
Finalizing Goals


The brand assessment review process is a continuation of the original brand assessment, and confirms the information needed to make the right decisions. During this 30-minute meeting, we'll make sure we have covered all aspects of your current brand level and desired goals before we start developing a strategy to strengthen your personal brand. It helps you build a brand strategy faster, with less false starts and fewer dead ends.

Your personal brand is how you portray yourself in ALL platforms, interactions and communications you have with current, or future, customers. With our assistance, and a willingness to try something new, we can provide an unbiased and independent outside view of your current strategy that can help develop a strong, consistent and memorable impact on your customers.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. - Albert Einstein

By the end of the assessment review, we will have established a solid foundation for building your personal brand strategy. Your strategy will be driven off of your goals and making the necessary adjustments to your current brand effort.

Completing a brand assessment will help you consider the big picture, which can have a positive result on a long term, consistent personal brand strategy.


Our program starts with a few initial meetings to set the foundation of Powering Up your Brand. From there, we can work together as needed to build, empower and grow your brand strength. We are not going to give you the answers. We are not going to give you blunt advice. So many coaching programs are like diets: short lived and ineffective if you are simply given the answers. Success starts with adapting your mindset, habits and daily routine. It becomes a life change that is sustainable.


So what is this program about? It is about coaching you to unlock your inner strengths and the power to discover your personal brand. To make a life changing discovery.  Please note that availability is limited so be prepared for a waiting list.


Brand Assessment

30 Minute Information Gathering

30 Minute Evaluation Discussion

30 Minute Discussions

30 Minute Discussion

30 Minute Action Plan

30 Minute Review

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